Rejuvenation Journey with Bianca & Jambo

Rituals for yogis: breath, spirit & sacred smoke

Join us for this dynamic combination of rejuvenating rituals for the modern day yogi. Learn how to call the corners in a way that resonates with you, dive deep into acupressure points that are effective in bringing out more of your natural, organic, authentic self and explore the sacred use of aromas such as sacred smoke while integrating this into your practice through asana.

This on-line program is a journey to enhance the path of your wellness, we hope to share with you skilful tools to bring joy into something that is often taken seriously enabling consistency of growth and passion in your connection to spirit.

Deposit 300€ (non refundable)
Full price 1200€



Topic 1
1: The worldly guardians of the cardinal directions and how to develop your own (Jambo 40 min recording.)
2: 40 min Yoga (live Bianca).
3: 20 min Recording Jambo.
4: 60 min Recording Yoga Bianca.
5: 40 min Live Jambo to finish off the topic.
6: Bianca live Yoga Nidra 20 min.

Topic 2
1: Yoga 60 min. Bianca live.
2: diet and self-bodywork for kidney detox & rejuvenation ( 40 min recording Jambo).
3: Yoga Recording Bianca (20 min.).
4: Jambo 40 min Live session (date).
5: Bianca live Yoga 40 min.
6. Jambo recording videos (40 min) finish off the topic.

Topic 3
1: The physiological components of sacred smoke (sage, palo santo, rosemary, dragons blood & sandalwood) ( Jambo live 40 min).
2: Bianca live Yoga 40 min.
3: jambo recordings: 40 min.
4: Bianca recordings Yoga session 40 min.
5: Jambo recordings 60 to finish off the mentorship
6: Bianca live yoga 40 min.